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I was fourth. I could not believe it. And for the first time in my life before Mrs. Reddy, my eyes filled with tears. I had failed, and I had been so near to proving myself. It was bitterly disappointing to have to give way to Anju who had trailed me all along. Deepali came up and patted my back. "You did really well," she said, sounding faintly surprised. " I stumbled away, the tears threatening to splash down my cheeks and stumbled right into Mrs. Reddv. She gripped my arms and forced me to look up.

Oh, no! Now we can forget all about winning the trophy in the inter-school basketball championship this year," grumbled Reema, the vice-captain of the team. The other girls in her group also made faces to show their displeasure. What these girls did not know that if anyone told Mamta she could not do something, she accepted it as a challenge and never rested till she had proven them wrong. The coach had heard Reema and said, "Have you been able to win the trophy a single time since you started playing?

You need some more practice, more time on the field. You are not doing enough," he told them. Vociferous protests greeted this. "All right, all right, girls, calm down," he held up his hands, placating them. "Tell me, what is your goal. To win the race, isn't it? Not just to make an attempt. To win! " 50 The girls murmured their assent. "I know you have been training. You just need to give a little extra push to your efforts to win. 1 know all of you have it in you," he told them. "Right. " He showed them exercises that would allow their legs to stretch more, stride faster.

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