By Peter Archer

ISBN-10: 1440541078

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Dazzle together with your command of belle-lettres!

Like a real sophisticate, you would like to toss out informal bon mots to liven up your dialog. you would like to drift via cocktail events providing your site visitors crudités and hors d'oeuvres, toasting to the existing Weltgeist and speculating on who is having an affaire de coeur.

But first you must comprehend what these phrases mean.

Here's a advisor to declaiming like an highbrow in a overseas language. greater than 500 of the main wide-spread international phrases and words that increase our language and make us sound subtle were translated into English, in addition to a pronunciation advisor and a pattern sentence displaying you the way to exploit them. moreover, you will discover quotations in different languages, as a way to provoke every body together with your erudition and experiencia del mundo. All this including a plethora of minutae, spicing the entries with a stupendous mélange...

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That nuclear war is bad is shown A FORTIORI by the fact that in the event of one occurring, most of the world’s population would be dead. agent provocateur (French) (ah-ZHAUNT pro-vah-kah-TUR) (noun) One who, acting secretly on behalf of other forces, infiltrates an organization and creates an incident that will allow his employers to attack those he has infiltrated. Such incidents are often violent, creating the impression that the organization in question is violent. The Haymarket bombing incident in Chicago in 1886 in which eight police officers were killed was almost certainly the work of an AGENT PROVOCATEUR, seeking to give police an excuse to crush the nascent union movement.

Sullivan, public figures who sued for slander or defamation had to prove that whoever published the information knew it was false but went ahead and published it anyway. This has meant that comparatively few libel suits in the United States are successful. absit omen (Latin) (AB-sit OH-men) (phrase) May the omen not occur. An expression of good will, since omens were taken extremely seriously by the Romans. Recall that Julius Caesar was warned by a soothsayer to beware the Ides of March. And look what happened to him when he ignored the advice.

C. Wren. It was later made into a movie with Gary Cooper in the lead role. The story concerns the theft of a precious jewel, forcing Beau Geste, an upper-class Briton, to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, where he dies valiantly. It’s revealed that he concealed the theft of the gem for honorable reasons and thus becomes the embodiment of the ethos Englishmen liked to think drove the British empire. beau monde (French) (boh mond) (noun) High society. The phrase reflects the highly class-ridden society of Western Europe prior to the end of World War I.

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