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Irresolute means feeling or showing uncertainty; hesitant, indecisive, or ambivalent. 33. Sordid means dirty, wretched, squalid; it can also mean morally degraded. 34. Transient means lasting only a very short time; fleeting, transitory, brief; ephemeral. 37. To palliate means to make something less intense or severe, to mitigate or alleviate; to put a positive spin on. It can also mean to provide relief from pain or from symptoms of a disease. 39. Noisome means offensive, foul, especially in odor; harmful or noxious.

The international ________ will hear more testimony today regarding the general’s wartime atrocities. 112. The evidence was sufficient to ________ her from the crime. 113. The new district attorney refused to condone the mayor’s ________ behavior. 114. Catholics believe that going to confession gives them ________ from their sins. 115. The Athenian lawmaker Draco was known to ________ citizens for the most minor offenses. 116. The ________ students were given two-week suspensions and required to complete 20 hours of community service.

49. a. Capricious means impulsive and unpredictable; a judge should be consistent in interpreting and applying the law. 50. c. An overweening supervisor would be presumptuously arrogant and overbearing. 51. b. Blithe means light-hearted and carefree. Only a young child in a playground is likely to be blithe. 52. a. Someone who throws a tantrum because his or her soup was not warm enough is likely to be petulant; unreasonably or easily irritated. 53. b. A ten year old who has never been given responsibility is likely to be puerile; childish and immature.

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