By Woop Studios, Jay Sacher

ISBN-10: 1452108234

ISBN-13: 9781452108230

This illustrated consultant compiles over 2,000 collective nouns and brings them to lifestyles in stunningly colourful, picture art from the layout dynamos at Woop Studios. Chock-full of treasures of the English language, the variety of phrases amassed right here covers subject matters from vegetation and animals (a parade of elephants, a humiliation of pandas) to humans and issues (a pomposity of professors, an exultation of fireworks) and variety from the known (a delight of lions) to the downright vague (an ooze of amoebas). Pronunciations, definitions, etymologies, and ancient anecdotes make this gorgeous e-book an enjoyable learn, a standout reference, and a visible deal with. Language enthusiasts and artwork appreciators alike could be captivated by way of this gem, wealthy in note and snapshot.

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The virtue faith XII 291, XVII 213, C XI 158, XIX 194. 6. conviction XVI 238, C XI 129; confidence XV 358, C VIII 97. (l) 1. abandon, desist from XV 73; leave behind C XII 212; intr. leave off, desist VI 179, A VII 164, C VIII 176. 2. Bsg. stays, abides C III 348. [OE beldfanw. (2) 1. believe (in a doctrine, faith, God) w. Usg. C XI 130; 3sg. C XVII 135; pi. Ssg. XIV 87; pi C X 191; pr. pl. pl X 124. 2. Usg. XIX/XXI 173, C XVIII 249; 2sg. XIX/XXI 177; pi. XIX/ XXI 181; abs. pl. possess the virtue of faith C XVI 359, XIX 35; leliche ~ believe in the true religion C XVII 133.

OE bedreda] beem n. [OEbeam] beest, beste n. 1. (any) animal XI 362, XII 224, AX 175; pi. V 514, A IV 143, C X 2 3 1 ; coll. the animal world 1X32; wild animal XI 362, C XVII 29; pi. XV 303, C IX 225; domestic animal XIII 363, C VI 262; pi. Ill 267, A VII 181, C III 427; fig. XIX/XXI 264. 2. pi. living creatures IX 26, AX 27, C X 228; fig. X416. [AF beste] beflobered v. Ssg. flobre] begeneldes n. beggar's C X 263; inphr. A begyneld wise like a beggar, beggar fashion C IX 154. [ME] begge v. 1. tlsg.

Sg. illuminated, made radiant XV 517, C XVII 268. [OE bescinan] bisy, besy, busy adj. preoccupied I 6, A I 6, C I 6 ; diligent XIII 251, C XV 222; solicitous VII 123, A VIII 105. [OE bisig] biside adv. as well, in addition VI 150, A II 42; emph. - forb XVII 25. [OE hi sidan] biside prep, of place, beside C VI 54; at the side of XVIII 72, C XX 74; of distance not far from XVII 75, C XIX 74. [fr. Bpl. pl. delude w. lies C XX 355. [OE beleogan] bilyue, bileue, belyue n. necessities of life, means of subsistence Vll 123, A VIII 105, C I 18.

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