By Roger Thompson

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Including or excluding the ~ tion ,with no jumps). • half-integer ranges at the ends I of the interval in this manner is : • contrac~on . called the continuity correction. ~ the oppo~lte of dilatlo~ a ~. ure resulttng from multlplymg • continuous distribution ~ all dimensions of a given figure a probability distribution of a ; by a number betwec:n zero and continuous statistic, based upon ~ one. an algebraic formula, such that : I 37 II contm,positi1le I cunwnien&e sample ================*================ - contrapositive if p and q are two logical propositions, then the contrapositive of the proposition (p IMPLIES q) is the proposition «NOT q) IMPLIES (NOT p) ).

I • countable set Multiply correspopding ele- ; a set is countable if its elements ments of the transformed : can be,put in one~to-one correpairs to get a single list of ~ spondence with a subset of the numbers. The correlation co- ; integers. For eXaniple the sets efficient is the mean of. that {O~ 7 -3} {red, gre~n, blue} list of , , "'-2 :1" 0" 1 2 ... }', . products. ~. { ... U I {straiWtt, curly}, and the set of generate" bIVarIate data WIth : all fractions are countable. If a . I set is not countable ' · coeffiICIent any correIanon .

Converges if there is a number x such that for any number E>O, there is a number k (which can depend on E) such that Ixj xl < E whenever j > k. I . . - convex If such a number x eXISts, It 18 f set hich all egcalled the limit of the sequence ~ a set 0 pomts om w fSth 1 x2 3 i ments connectmg pomts 0 e x, , x set lie entirely in the set; There - convergence in probability ~ are three things one can do to a sequence of random variables i see if a figure is convex look for Xl, X2, X3 converges in : "dents", extend the segments probability if there is a random ~ (they shouldn't enter the figvariable X such that for any jure), and connect any two number E>O, the sequence of : points within the figure with a numbers P( IXI XI < e), P( 1X2 ~ segment (if any part of the segXI < e), P( IX3 XI < e), .

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