By Patrick Cummings, Hans-Georg Wolf

ISBN-10: 9888083309

ISBN-13: 9789888083305

The Dictionary of Hong Kong English is exclusive. It contains phrases and usages particular to English in Hong Kong and reflective of the city's historical past and tradition. Acronyms and abbreviations universal in Hong Kong, position identify alterations, Hong Kong phrases now across the world recognized, and cultural conceptualizations are extra good points.

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Note: Caput is derived from the Latin “per caput,” the singular of per capita. carabao /kærəˈbaʊ/ n. Source language: Malay. Definition: water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis carabanesis. ” 22 ▸ catty Castle Peak n. Definition: a 583-m rocky hill next to the town of Tuen Mun. A coal-burning power station is located nearby and the area was used as a firing range by the British military. C category I, IIA, IIB, III n. Definition: a rating system for film censorship. ” catty /kæti:/ n. Source language: Malay.

Definition: a female schoolmate from a senior grade or an older alumna. See: big brother. bird’s nest fixed expression. Definition: the edible nest of a variety of swallow; Chinese health food. ” See: swallow nest. black fungus n. Definition: an ear-shaped fungus, Auricularia polytricha, used in HK cooking. ” 13 boat congee ▸ boat congee B n. Definition: a popular Hong Kong variety of congee with a variety of ingredients, often including seafood, pork and tofu. ” See: sampan congee, congee. BoHo n.

Definition: a non-statutory holiday recently fixed to be held in Cheung Chau in the fourth month (8th day), to thank the God Pak Tai, among other activities. The buns are intended to appease the hungry ghosts of pirate victims that are said to roam the island in search of food. Text example: “After the parade is the competition that gives the celebration its slightly misleading English name of ‘the Bun Festival’. Three towers of buns ... ” See: ghost. chick, chicken idiomatic expression. Definition: female prostitute.

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