By William Thomas Tucker

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P. p. d. n. m. 980 37. chloride. bismuthyl compound A compound containing the (BiO)+ ion or BiO grouping. bismuthyl ion See bismuth(III) carbonate dioxide. bismuthyl nitrate See bismuth(III) nitrate oxide. bismuth(III) carbonate dioxide (bismuthyl carbonate; Bi2O2CO3) A white solid prepared by mixing solutions of bismuth nitrate and ammonium carbonate. It contains the (BiO)+ ion (sometimes known as the bismuthyl ion). bistability The ability of a chemically reacting system to occur in two steady states.

A brown ring formed at the interface where the liquids meet indicates the presence of nitrate. The brown color is caused by the presence of [Fe(NO)]SO4, which breaks down on shaking. bucky ball See buckminsterfullerene. bucky tube See buckminsterfullerene. e. it acts as a buffer against (small) changes in pH. g. a solution of ethanoic acid and sodium ethanoate. If an acid is added, the H+ reacts with the ethanoate ion (from dissociated sodium ethanoate) to form undissociated ethanoic acid; if a base is added the OH– reacts with the ethanoic acid to form water and the ethanoate ion.

012182. by the thermal decomposition of beryllium hydroxide or carbonate. Beryllium oxide is insoluble in water but it shows basic properties by dissolving in acids to form beryllium salts: BeO + 2H+ → Be2+ + H2O However, beryllium oxide also resembles acidic oxides by reacting with alkalis to form beryllates: BeO + 2OH– + H2O → Be(OH)42– It is thus an amphoteric oxide. Beryllium oxide is used in the production of refractory materials, high-output transistors, and printed circuits. Its chemical properties of beryllium oxide are similar to those of aluminum oxide.

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