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Fourier dt i χ (t)e−ik0 t , the action can be written as transforming as φi (k0 ) = 2π Squad = Vp 2go2 dt∂t χi ∂t χi . 55) Here, χi is interpreted as the ‘location’ of the D-brane in the transverse space, although its normalization is not correctly chosen. So we next fix it. 6 Since we are compactifying all directions tangential to the D-brane, the momentum k must correctly be discretized. By ‘integration’, we mean summation over all possible values of k, giving rise to no misunderstanding. 39 Let’s take a pair of identical D-branes whose locations are 0i and bi , respectively, in the transverse space.

If the range of definition of the effective tachyon potential were indeed restricted to some finite region, the nonperturbative vacuum could become the global minimum without any instability. 2 Small fluctuations around the nonperturbative vacuum After we saw the static structure of the effective tachyon potential, we now examine the fluctuations around the nonperturbative vacuum. Then we determine the physical excitations there. If the conjecture that the D-brane disappears after tachyon condensation is true, there should be no physical excitations of open string degrees of freedom at the nonperturbative vacuum.

541/α′, which has increased by about 20% compared to the (0,0) case. 9. 9: Effective tachyon potential at level (0,0) (dashed line) and at level (2,4) (solid line). conjectured value feff (φ0 ) = −1. The vacuum expectation values of β1 and v could also be obtained by substituting the value of φ0 to the equations of motion derived from the level 4 truncated multiscalar potential and solving for β1 and v, though we do not try it. Beyond level (2,4), fields other than the tachyon are no longer quadratic, so we cannot analytically proceed.

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