By E. M. Forster

ISBN-10: 0497900823

ISBN-13: 9780497900823

ISBN-10: 1429409290

ISBN-13: 9781429409292

This variation is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a working Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of A Room with a View. This version will be use

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Mr. George Emerson happened to be a few paces away, looking at her across the spot where the man had been. How very odd! Across something. Even as she caught sight of him he grew dim; the palace itself grew dim, swayed above her, fell on to her softly, slowly, noiselessly, and the sky fell with it. ” she murmured, and opened her eyes. George Emerson still looked at her, but not across anything. She had complained of dullness, and lo! one man was stabbed, and another held her in his arms. Chinese Simplified arrivals: 到达.

He was silent. ” Chinese Simplified assistance: 援助, 帮助. bewildered: 迷惑. blood: 血, 血液, 鲜血. creatures: 生物. distance: 距离. dreams: 梦想. dying: 不行了, 垂死, 垂死的. faint: 暗淡, 隐约, 昏厥, 微弱. fetch: 拿, 取, 带来. firmly: 坚固, 牢牢, 坚固地, 坚定地. flutter: 飘扬, 颤动, 振翅. garrulous: 贫嘴, 饶舌的. horror: 恐怖. incident: 事件, 事变. kiss: 吻, 接吻, 轻抚, 轻触. murder: 谋杀, 杀人案件, 杀害. murderer: 凶手, 杀人犯. occurred: 发生. oddly: 古怪, 古怪地. overcame: 克服. palace: 宫殿, 宫, 皇宫. physically: 肉体上的. reflection: 反射, 反映, 影子, 鉴. square: 正方形, 平方, 四方形. stream: 溪流, 河流, 流, 小溪, 川.

Search: 搜索, 搜查, 寻觅, 寻找, 找. sensible: 明智, 懂事, 感觉得到的, 可感觉到的. solitude: 单独, 孤独. startled: 震惊. stopped: 停止. suitable: 得宜, 适宜, 适当, 允当, 合适, 恰当, 适当的, 适. thoughts: 心头, 感想. tribute: 贡物. unpleasant: 不愉快, 不愉快的. wrong: 不对, 不平, 错误的, 错误. 48 A Room with a View At breakfast next morning she took decisive action. There were two plans between which she had to choose. Mr. Beebe was walking up to the Torre del Gallo with the Emersons and some American ladies. Would Miss Bartlett and Miss Honeychurch join the party?

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