By Thomas Herbst, David Heath, Ian F. Roe, Dieter Götz

ISBN-10: 3110171945

ISBN-13: 9783110171945

This dictionary presents a valency description of English verbs, nouns and adjectives. each one access includes a entire record of the complementation styles pointed out at the foundation of the most important corpus of English on hand today. All examples are taken without delay from the COBUILD/Birmingham corpus. The valency description includes statements concerning the quantitative valency of the lexical devices proven, a listing in their compulsory, contextually non-compulsory and in simple terms non-compulsory enhances in addition to systematic info at the semantic and collocational houses of the enhances. an overview of the version of valency conception utilized in this dictionary is equipped within the creation. Key positive factors particular reference paintings with out similar booklet out there English is the world's most crucial lingua franca and the main usually discovered moment language

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It is important to note that the definitions given in this dictionary do not claim to provide an extensive semantic analysis of the word in question. In particular, for nouns and adjectives, only those senses of the words are included which correspond to valency patterns. Hence, if a sense of a noun or adjective is not contained in the note block, this can be taken to mean that it does not occur in any of the valency patterns identified. If not all the meanings of a word are mentioned in the dictionary, this is usually indicated by the phrase X can mean Ύ' in the definition provided.

Herbst, Thomas and Ian F. Roe 1996 How obligatory are obligatory complements? - An alternative approach to the categorization of subjects and other complements in valency grammar. English Studies 77 (2): 179-199. Johansson, Stig and Knut Hofland 1989 Frequency Analysis of English Vocabulary and Grammar. Based on the LOB corpus. Volume 2. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Klotz, Michael 2000 Grammatik und Lexik. Studien zur Syntagmatik englischer Verben. ) Tübingen: Stauffenburg. Matthews, Peter H. 1981 Syntax.

I would make that decision and accept it as my responsibility to justify and educate the public as to the reasons for my decision. C We have not come to terms with accepting people as being gay and lesbian in society. T3 + Np + as A D J / + [ i t ] p + as ADJ-pattern Β He refused to accept his judgment as final. Most people would accept it as reasonable that an employer can protect its trade secrets. D She was one of the first girls at the school to be accepted by Oxford University. D4 T2 T2 A You have been hurt in the past and others want to seek your forgiveness, but you refuse to accept, (only if clear from context) D3 D1 T2-3 M D2 Passive: 1 / 3 [ N ] a / [by N] [N]p [as N/V-ing] 'integrateActive: 2 / 3 ι D1 D3 'approve' Active: 2 / 3 General: 0 T4 + Np + for Ν D Refugees are accepted for resettlement in the West, while economic migrants are liable to repatriation.

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