By Guzman G., Allen J.W., Gartz J.

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Cubensis (Guzmán, 1983; Torres, 1984) P. mexicana (Lowy, 1977; Guzmán, 1983; Torres, 1984; Stamets, 1996) Honduras Psilocybe subcubensis (Guzmán, 1983, 1997) Panamá Psilocybe caerulescens var. caerulescens (Guzmán, 1983) P. dumontii (Guzmán, 1983) CARIBBEAN (including Bahamas and Bermuda) Bahamas Panaeolus papilionaceus (Gerhardt, 1996) Bermuda Claviceps paspali (Grasso, 1955) Copelandia cyanescens (Gerhardt, 1996) Cuba Panaeolus papilionaceus (Gerhardt, 1996) Psilocybe cubensis (Earle, 1906; Heim, 1956b, 1978; Singer & Smith, 1958; Guzmán, 1983; Stamets, 1996; Gartz, 1996) P.

Spectabilis (Hesler, 1969; Duffy & Vergeer, 1977; Ott, 1976b; Stamets, 1996) Hypholoma popperiana (Singer, 1973, 1986; Stamets, 1978; Guzmán, 1999b) Panaeolina foenisecii (Duffy & Vergeer, 1977; Allen & Merlin, 1992c) Panaeolus fimicola (Gerhardt, 1996) 218 P. , 1976; Gerhardt, 1996) P. retirugis (Duffy & Vergeer, 1977) Psilocybe azurescens (Stamets, 1996) P. , 1977a; Duffy & Vergeer, 1977) P. , 1985; Arora, 1986; Johnston & Buchanan, 1995; Stamets, 1996) P. cyanofibrillosa (Stamets, 1996) P. maire (Duffy & Vergeer, 1977) P.

Caerulescens var. caerulescens (Stijve & de Meijer, 1993; Stamets, 1996) P. cubensis (Rick, 1961; Guzmán, 1983; Stijve & de Meijer, 1993; Gartz, 1996; Pegler, 1997) P. farinacea (Guzmán, 1983, 1995; Singer, 1986) P. furtadoana (Guzmán, 1983; Pegler, 1997) P. hoogshagenii var. hoogshagenii (Stijve & de Meijer, 1993; Stamets, 1996) P. , 1984) P. , 1984; Pegler, 1997) P. paupera (Guzmán, 1983) (see discussion) P. pericystis (Singer, 1989; Guzmán, 1995) P. plutonia (Guzmán, 1983) P. , 1984; Guzmán, 1995; Stijve & de Meijer, 1993; Pegler, 1997) P.

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A worldwide geographical distribution of neurotropic fungi, an analysis and discussion by Guzman G., Allen J.W., Gartz J.

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