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Self-abasement: 自卑. trace: 迹, 遗迹, 跟踪, 踪迹, 追踪. triteness: 陈腐. unblemished: 无疵. uncomfortable: 不舒适, 不舒适的, 拘束, 别扭. unconnected: 未连接的. undress: 脱衣服, 除衣. % The guests had been selected with a boldness and discrimination in which the initiated recognised the firm hand of Catherine the Great. Associated with such immemorial standbys as the Selfridge Merrys, who were asked everywhere because they always had been, the Beauforts, on whom there was a claim of relationship, and Mr. Sillerton Jackson and his sister Sophy (who went wherever her brother told her to), were some of the most fashionable and yet most irreproachable of the dominant “young married” set; the Lawrence Leffertses, Mrs.

Courtesy: 礼貌. daily: 每日, 日常, 每天. discrimination: 歧视, 辨别力. dominant: 龙头老大, 优势, 支配的. everywhere: 到处, 处处, 遍地, 前后. except: 除了, 除了之外. inner: 内在的, 内部, 内部的. invitation: 邀请. irreproachable: 无缺点的, 无过失的. nightly: 每夜, 夜夜. notes: 笔记, 题解, 笔录, 注意事项. outrage: 暴行, 使愤慨. painful: 痛苦, 痛苦的. passionately: 热情, 热情地. plea: 呼吁, 恳求. scant: 缺乏的. strangers: 陌生人. treats: 对待. unable: 无法, 不能, 未能. unbelievable: 难以置信的. undiminished: 没有减少. uniform: 制服, 匀净, 匀实, 一律. wherever: 无论何处, 哪里. wording: 措词, 说法. zest: 热心. ” The New York of Newland Archer’s day was a small and slippery pyramid, in which, as yet, hardly a fissure had been made or a foothold gained.

Approve: 赞成, 认证, 赞同, 认可, 允许. behaved: 表现. corps: 军团, 兵团. disturbance: 风波, 骚动, 干扰, 骚乱. doubtless: 无疑的. ensnaring: 诱捕. frosted: 结霜, 磨砂. haven: 避难所, 安息所. indications: 指示. indulgent: 放纵的, 纵容的. intrusion: 侵入. inward: 里面的. lapses: 过失. mixed: 混合, 混合的, 错杂. nervously: 紧张地. perturbed: 忐忑. premature: 为时过早, 过早的, 早熟的. silly: 愚蠢, 糊涂, 愚蠢的, 傻的, 傻. slight: 轻微, 稍微. sweetness: 甜美, 甜蜜, 甜, 可爱. tender: 嫩, 纤细, 细嫩, 温柔, 柔弱的. thankful: 感谢, 感谢的. tragedy: 悲剧. uppermost: 最高的. veil: 面罩, 面纱. witness: 证人, 见证人, 见证. 34 The Age of Innocence Her revenge, he felt—her lawful revenge—would be to “draw” Mr.

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