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A movie clip instance that is a child of, or nested in, another movie clip. ) Description Operator; used to navigate movie clip hierarchies in order to access nested (child) movie clips, variables, or properties. The dot operator is also used to test or set the properties of an object, execute a method of an object, or create a data structure. Example The following statement identifies the current value of the variable hairColor in the movie clip person. hairColor This is equivalent to the following Flash 4 syntax: /person:hairColor Example The following code illustrates how the dot operator can be used to create an array structure.

Example The following code sample uses the comma operator: var a=1, b=2, c=3; This is equivalent to writing the following code: var a=1; var b=2; var c=3; . (dot) Availability Flash Player 4. variable Parameters object An instance of an object. The object can be any of the built-in ActionScript objects or a custom object. ) operator. property_or_method The name of a property or method associated with an object. All of the valid method and properties for the built-in objects are listed in the method and property summary tables for that object.

The pre-increment form of the operator (++expression) adds 1 to expression and returns the result. The post-increment form of the operator (expression++) adds 1 to expression and returns the initial value of expression (the value prior to the addition). The pre-increment form of the operator increments x to 2 (x + 1 = 2), and returns the result as y: x = 1; y = ++x //y is equal to 2 The post-increment form of the operator increments x to 2 (x value of x as the result y: + 1 = 2), and returns the original x = 1; y = x++; //y is equal to 1 Example The following example uses ++ as a post-increment operator to make a while loop run five times.

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