By Aram Mekjian (auth.), Michel Baranger, Erich Vogt (eds.)

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As a lot by accident as by way of layout, the current quantity comes towards having a unmarried subject matter than any of our previous volumes. That subject is the houses of nuclear power services or, on the other hand, the matter of line spreading. the road spreading or energy functionality recommendations are crucial for the nucleus as a result of its many levels of freedom. the outline of the nucleus is approached by utilizing version wave functions-for instance, the shell version or the collective model-in which one has truncated the variety of levels of freedom. The query then is how heavily do the version wave capabilities correspond to the particular nuclear wave capabilities which take pleasure in all of the levels of freedom of the nuclear Hamiltonian? extra accurately, one perspectives the version wave features as vectors in a Hilbert house and one perspectives the particular wave capabilities as vectors spanning one other, higher Hilbert area. Then the query is: how is a single-model wave functionality (or vector) unfold one of the vectors akin to the particular wave services? as an instance we think about a version kingdom that's a shell-model wave functionality with a unmarried nucleon further to a closed shell. the sort of version nation is termed a single-particle wave functionality. on the strength of the single-particle waVe functionality one of many genuine nuclear wave services may perhaps resemble the single-particle wave functionality closely.

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Consequently, in looking for doorway-state effects, a simple counting of the number of 2p-Ih states is not complete and a calculation of the widths of these states must be done. 2. In light and doubly magic nuclei, the density of 3p-2h states is small at low energies (incident neutron energies 3 MeV) so that Fi can be neglected compared to F/. In this region, the isolated doorway condition, Fa < D, can be fulfilled and isolated resonances of intermediate width should be seen. Fine structure, if it is seen, will be due to 2p-Ih states which are weakly coupled to the continuum.

After Mekjian and MacDonald (MM 67). narrow resonances or fine structure in the cross section. The energy dependence in the elastic cross section is shown in Fig. 12. We note the following features in this energy dependence. 87 MeV shows pronounced structure. This structure is associated with the presence of the isobaric analog of the fourth excited state of Ar4 1, with J7l = i-, seen in (d,p) experiments (KHB 61). 87-MeV region, fine structure in the energy dependence of the cross section is seen.

69), the remainder is independent of the nucleus. Finally, only a minimal number of terms are kept in the multi pole expansion and the expression (70) is written. The number Vl was then counted for nuclei with A between 40 and 130, and the results are summarized in Table II. From this table we see a strong correlation between the number of doorways reached through the l'th multi pole, the Vl, and the properties of the strength function. In particular, we see that for A between 40 and 64 the 1= 0 monopole is dominant for target neutron excitations.

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