By Mia Zachary

ISBN-10: 1426853157

ISBN-13: 9781426853159

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Don’t leave me. As his father turned away, the pressure bubble inside him had popped and the tears flowed freely. It was the last time Chris ever cried. He’d seen his father regularly, during awkward visits and strained outings, but it felt like there was a hollow space inside him. His mother had wanted her husband back, though, so Chris had done what he could—getting in trouble at school so his parents would have to meet in the principal’s office. But then later his more mature attempts also met with failure… The intercom buzzed, shaking him off that line of thought.

One of my coworkers went on seven dates with the same man in the past month. ” “Great. ” Chris smiled and pointed to the framed photographs on the walls. “We’ve had a lot of success in the two years since we opened. ” “It might be thirty-six soon. ” He nodded, not surprised. “We put a lot of time, effort and research into our matchmaking program. The key is finding compatible core traits and vital attributes. ” She clapped her hands together once. ” Chris widened his smile and swept an arm toward his office across the hall.

Finally Grant ended up with a hot looking blonde in a pink bra and black mini-skirt, leaving him alone at the bar. With a sense of both pride and relief, Chris ordered another beer and turned his attention to the blonde’s friend. Now there was a man-eater if ever he’d seen one. The petite Asian woman was dressed to kill and her exotic appearance set her apart from the crowd, even in multi-cultural San Francisco. Funny, though, she’d suddenly looked very lost when her friend went off with Grant….

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