By Rainer Bohrer, Bernd Kalbskopf, Uwe Nohl, Hans-Jürgen Richter-Ditten, Paul Kämpf (auth.), Uwe Nohl, Gottfried Olbrich (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3662056216

ISBN-13: 9783662056219

ISBN-10: 3662056232

ISBN-13: 9783662056233

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1-319 AsC,sH 42NSn . . (n-C4HghSn-As(C2H5l-CH2CH2-NH-C2H5 ' .. 19-238 Gmelin Handbook Inde x 3rd Suppt. 6-395 AsC,gFe 3H"O" . C6b-128, 133, 135 ASC,gH 2, MnN 4S2 [Mn(6-CH3-NC5H3-2-CH=N-C6H4-2As(C 2H5b)(NCSb]n . C2H50H Mn :MVoL. 16-81/2 (CH3blnCl . 1-118, 120 AsC 20ClH2,lnO AsC 20Cl2H2, N2PtS [((C6H5bAs)PtCl2(CH3N=S=NCH 3)] . C6H6. .. 7-56/7, 99/100 AsC 2oH,sIMo02 . (C5H5)Mo(COb(I)[CH3As(C6H5b] AsC 20H,sN0 5Sn . Comp. 16-81/2 ASC20H20N03Sn . 19-239/40 ASC20H27MnN402S2 [Mn(NC5H4-2-CH=N-C6H4-2-As(CH3)2) (NCSb]n .

2-174 AsC 12CrHs01 0Re (COl 5ReAs(CH3h - Cr( COl 5 ASC12FSH1SMo0 2P [(C5H5lMo(COh (CH2=CHCH2As(CH3h l][PFs] . 8- 185, 188 ASC1 2FsH1 SNS [SN][AsF s] . 1-487 (COl 4Re [- P(CF3h -M n(COl 4- As(CF3h - ] AsC 12FeH24N20 SP2Re (COh Re[P(CH3hh - As(CH3h - Fe(NOh(COl . . 1-292 ASC12H1SlMo02 . 7-56/7, 97 ASC12H1SMo02+ [(C5H5lMo(COh(CH2=CHCH2As(CH3hl][ PFs]. 8-1 85, 188 ASC12H17Mo0 2.. (C 5H5l Mo(COb[- CH2CH2CH2- As(CH3b - ] .. . 8- 113, 155, 172/3 ASC12H20Mo02P . 7-1 31 ASC12H20Mo05P . Comp. 18-107 , 114 ASC12H30NSn (CH3l3SnN=As (C3H7-i h ASC13CoH24NOsP2Re (COh Re[ P(CH3hh - As(CH3b- Co(COh( NOl .

CH 3As (C 6Hshb[PdCI4] Pd : SVol. D8- 203/4 As 2C3SH32Mn06 ' . 7-127. A1-200, 203 (As(C 6Hsh-C2HshHCI04] AS2C3gCl3H37N20220s6S [Os 3(CO)" (As(C 4Hg-thN =S=NAs(C 4Hg-th) Os3(CO) , ,] . 1-284 AS2C3gH30103Re. Comp. 1-282 AS2C39H30N06Re fac - (COhRe[As(C6Hsh bON02 Gme Lin Handbook Index 3rd Suppl.

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Ag — B5 by Rainer Bohrer, Bernd Kalbskopf, Uwe Nohl, Hans-Jürgen Richter-Ditten, Paul Kämpf (auth.), Uwe Nohl, Gottfried Olbrich (eds.)

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