By Xiaoping Xu

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This booklet offers a few of the algebraic ideas for fixing partial differential equations to yield special recommendations, concepts constructed by way of the writer in recent times and with emphasis on actual equations akin to: the Maxwell equations, the Dirac equations, the KdV equation, the KP equation, the nonlinear Schrodinger equation, the Davey and Stewartson equations, the Boussinesq equations in geophysics, the Navier-Stokes equations and the boundary layer difficulties. with a view to clear up them, i've got hired the grading approach, matrix differential operators, stable-range of nonlinear phrases, relocating frames, uneven assumptions, symmetry variations, linearization ideas and specific features. The booklet is self-contained and calls for just a minimum figuring out of calculus and linear algebra, making it obtainable to a extensive viewers within the fields of arithmetic, the sciences and engineering. Readers may possibly locate the precise suggestions and mathematical abilities wanted of their personal research.

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5) Change the variables: u= 1 ; y2 u =− 2y . 7) or equivalently, 2 u + u = −2 sin t 3 . 8) We calculate e 2 t e2 ln |t| = eln t = t 2 . 9) Thus u= −2t 2 sin t 3 dt + c = t2 2 3 cos t 3 + c 2 cos t 3 + c1 = . 10) . 11) A Darboux equation can be represented as f (y/t) + t a h(y/t) y = g(y/t) + yt a−1 h(y/t). 12) Using the substitution y(t) = tz(t) and taking z to be an independent variable, we have dt dy dt =y =t +z . 14) or equivalently, f (z) + t a h(z) t +z dt dz = g(z) + zh(z)t a dt . 16) which is a Bernoulli equation.

3), 30at 4 + 20t 3 − 2 at 4 + bt 3 = 7t 4 + 3t 3 ∼ 28a = 7, 18b = 3 =⇒ 1 a= , 4 1 b= . 7) Thus y0 = t 6 /4 + t 5 /6. 3) is c2 t 6 t 5 + + . 8) y + 3y + 2y = 3 sin 2t. 2 Solve the equation Solution. The general solution of y + 3y + 2y = 0 is y = c1 e−t + c2 e−2t . 9): y0 = a sin 2t + b cos 2t. 10) Then y0 = 2a cos 2t − 2b sin 2t, y0 = −4a sin 2t − 4b cos 2t. 12) or equivalently, −(2a + 6b) sin 2t + (6a − 2b) cos 2t = 3 sin 2t. 13) Hence −(2a + 6b) = 3, 6a − 2b = 0 =⇒ a=− 3 , 20 b=− 9 . 9) is y = c1 e−t + c2 e−2t − 9 3 sin 2t − cos 2t.

2 n j =1 1 n−1 . 30) The general solution is y = c1 y1 (t) + c2 y2 (t). 4 Series Method and Bessel Functions 33 where ν is a constant called the order. The indicial equation is μ2 − ν 2 = 0 ∼ μ = ±ν. 32) t 2 y + ty + t 2 − ν 2 y = 0. 33) with μ = ±ν and c0 = 0. We have ∞ ty = ∞ (n + μ)cn t n+μ , t 2y = n=0 (n + μ)(n + μ − 1)cn t n+μ . 34) n=0 Denote by N the set of nonnegative integers. 35) n ∈ N. Thus c2r+1 = 0 for r ∈ N, and c2n = n 2 r=1 [ν (−1)n c0 c0 = . 36) The function ∞ μ t 2 Jμ (t) = + n=1 t (−1)n n r=1 (μ + r) 2 n!

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