By Francesca Hawley

ISBN-10: 1419936239

ISBN-13: 9781419936234

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She slowly opened her eyes, feeling disoriented. She was sore in places she hadn’t been in a very long time. Just then, a soft snore buzzed past her ear. She realized there was a half-hard cock nestled in her very damp cunt and a large male hand was holding her breast as if it were a life preserver and they were on the Titanic. The male clinging to her so possessively sighed in his sleep. She slowly turned her head. She knew that face. Shit. “Damien… ” She breathed. Oh God. What had she done? He nuzzled into the curve of her shoulder with a half smile on his face.

Serena was shy about him seeing her nude. Damien wanted to howl with frustration. She was the sexiest female he’d ever met and she didn’t seem to realize it. He cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. He opened his jacket and made his rather large hardon obvious to her. He ran his hand lightly over the place where he tented his trousers. ” Her eyes fastened on his cock and he smiled lazily at her. Oh yeah. She wanted him. She wanted him inside her and driving her insane. “Frankly, yes. You are a male wolf, Damien.

She looked like a sacrifice to the gods. It was a good look for her. ” “Don’t you remember what I told you in the office, Serena? I’m going to make you beg. ” Her hips jerked in response, which made his erection throb. “Damien! Don’t make me wait. ” He leaned down between her spread thighs, opened his mouth slightly and breathed through both his mouth and nose. His keen senses told him all he needed to know. Serena was fully in heat and ready to be mounted. Damien met her wide, dazed eyes. Her face was flushed and the color was spreading to the rise of her breasts.

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Alpha vs. Alpha by Francesca Hawley

by James

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