By Henrik Ibsen

ISBN-10: 0497913798

ISBN-13: 9780497913793

ISBN-10: 1423795687

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This variation is written in English. even if, there's a working Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of An Enemy of the folk. This variation will be invaluable if yo

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Downright: 솔직한, 철저히, 아주, 완전한, 명확한, 곧은, 철저한. exaggerate: 과장하다, 허풍떨다, 과장해서 말하다, 과대시하다, 병적으로 확장시키다. fraud: 사기, 사기꾼, 협잡, 가짜, 부정 수단, 기만, 사기 행위. improvements: 개량, 이용. injurious: 해로운, 모욕적인, 부당한, 유해한, 부정한사람을 헤치는, 불법의, 중상적인, 불법인. introduce: 도입하다, 소개하다, 끼워넣다, 제출하다, 초보를 가르치다, 안내하다, 처음으로 경험하게 하다, 처음으로 수입하다, 이끌다, 처음으로 경험시키다, 인도하다. persistent: 고집하는, 불굴의, 지속하는, 지속, 고집, 시든 후에도 떨어지지 않고 남는, 지속성 있는. physician: 의사, 내과 의사. trickery: 사기, 책략, 속임수. 52 An Enemy of the People PETER%STOCKMANN. I have not, as I remarked before, been able to convince myself that there is actually any imminent danger.

Stick: 붙이다, 찌르다, 잔가지, 조종간, 단장, 나무토막, 지팡이 멍청이, 연속 무하 폭탄, 고착 시키다, 엄청난 값을 부르다, 걸리게 하다. thousands: 오만. tremendous: 무서운, 무시무시한, 굉장한, 멋진, 대단한, 거대한. Henrik Ibsen 35 DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN. % MORTEN KIIL. Do you think he will be fool enough to--? DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN. I hope the whole town will be fools enough. MORTEN KIIL. The whole town! Well, it wouldn't be a bad thing. It would just serve them right, and teach them a lesson. They think themselves so much cleverer than we old fellows. They hounded me out of the council; they did, I tell you--they hounded me out.

DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN. The whole Bath establishment is a whited, poisoned sepulchre, I tell you-the gravest possible danger to the public health! All the nastiness up at Molledal, all that stinking filth, is infecting the water in the conduit-pipes leading to the reservoir; and the same cursed, filthy poison oozes out on the shore too-HORSTER. Where the bathing-place is? DR. THOMAS STOCKMANN. Just there. Korean cursed: 저주할, 심술궂은, 저주스러움, 심술통, 지겨운, 심사 사나운, 저부받은, 천벌받은, 지긋지긋한, 가증스러운, 저주 받은. danger: 위험, 장애, 의 위험이 있다, 위험 상태, 위험물.

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