By De Lacy O'Leary

ISBN-10: 0486427625

ISBN-13: 9780486427621

Well-documented research of the mutual effect of Arabic and Western worlds in the course of the heart a while lines the transmission of Greek philosophy and technological know-how to the Islamic cultures. a desirable portrait of medieval Muslim proposal, it illustrates commonalities with Judaic and Christian teachings in addition to issues of divergence.

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Ed. Abbelooi et Lamy. i. D. 559, and introduced the commentary of John Philoponus as the regular manual of instruction amongst the Syriac speaking Monophysites. He is said to have composed treatises on the definitions on the soul, on of logic, man on the composition the of the will, considered as a microcosm, and of man last in part preserved in Amongst on the freedom and body, this Mus. Addit. 14620. as of soul MS. Brit. Nestorian scholars of the sixth century was Paul the Persian who produced a treatise on logic which he dedicated to King Khusraw and has been published in M.

Chief advocates at Antioch, laid stress on the comphilosophical humanity of Christ so that the body, animal soul, and spirit were necessarily complete in the humanity and the Logos dwelt in the human frame without subtracting the spirit which was one of the essentials of humanity, and so there could have been no fusion because this would have implied the return of the spirit to its source and consequently This its subtraction from the humanity of Christ. will the name it be observed, postulates solution, as the other, and whichever view prepsychology vailed the Church would be irrevocably committed pleteness of the to the current psychology by this definition of its doctrine.

Addit. 14661 and 17156 (Inedita Syriaca, Vienna, 1870). Of : his philosophical work Sachau has given us the versions which he made of the Isagoge and Table of Porphyry, and Aristotle's Categories and the dubious de mundo, as well " the soul " which is not the de anima as a treatise on of Aristotle. He wrote original treatises on logic in seven books (incomplete Brit. Mus. Add. 14660 contains that on the categories), on " negation and " affirmation," on genus, species, and individual," " on the causes of the universe according to Aris" and minor totle In astronomy he has left essays.

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