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By the time Marx and Engels reached Germany, the insurgent workers and urban petty bourgeoisie aqd the peasants had struck the first blows at the feudal-absolutist system and had wrested concessions from the German government. But the fruits of the people's victory were gathered by the big bourgeoisie. Thus, in Prussia the king summoned a new government headed by the leaders of the big Rhenish bourgeoisie-Camphausen and Hansemann. Having taken power, the liberal bourgeoisie quickly showed that it was an anti-revolutionary force, gravitating more and more to the side of the counter-revolution.

Emancipation of oppressed nationalities, Engels stressed, was necessary in the interests of the revolution. It would be a blow against the feudalabsolutist system and a powerful lever for bringing the oppressed nations into the common revolutionary struggle. As he saw it, ending national oppression was an indispensable condition for Germany's future as a free, democratic nation. "* For Marx and Engels the national question was not an isolated, self-sufficient question, but an element of the general problem of unfolding the revolution.

The German workers and artisans, living in Paris, for instance, had a secret organisation that espoused the ideas of French utopian communism. The so-called League of the Just, consisting chiefly of artisans, maintained close ties with the Society of the Seasons led by the French revolutionary Augu~te Blanqui. After an unsuccessful uprising of Blanqui's followers in 1839, several members of the League of the Just had been arrested and deported from France. A few branches of the League of the Just were founded in London, and the German Workers' Educational Society organised in London in 1840 was under their influence.

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