By T. Fehner, F. Gosling

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Fermi suggested that at the upper end of the “emergency tolerance dose,” inhabitants subject to exposure should be warned to stay indoors, take showers, and the like. The panel thought that the risk for exposed off-site inhabitants was “not a probability that anyone will be killed, or even hurt . . but . . ”32 President Truman Hesitates and the Joint Chiefs Decide on Enewetak When Secretary of Defense Johnson took the issue of a continental test site to the White House on August 7, President Truman postponed making a decision.

As a result, the AEC continued to press hard for a continental site. With the South Site at the bombing and gunnery range remaining the preferable site, the Commission arranged in 42 mid–September for the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a thorough topographical survey and investigate sources of water supply. ”34 President Truman Decides on a Continental Test Site On October 25, 1950, as Communist Chinese forces poised to intervene in the Korean conflict, Gordon E. Dean, who had replaced Lilienthal as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, discussed the issue of a continental test site with President Truman.

Groves located the production facilities for isotope separation at the Clinton Engineer Works, a ninety–square–mile parcel carved out of the Tennessee hills just west of Knoxville. ) Groves placed two methods into production: 1) gaseous diffusion, based on the principle that Part I: Origins of the Nevada Test Site James Chadwick and General Leslie R. Groves. Source: Department of Energy. molecules of the lighter isotope, uranium–235, would pass more readily through a porous barrier; and 2) electromagnetic, based on the principle that charged particles of the lighter isotope would be deflected more when passing through a magnetic field.

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