By Roderick Hunt BSc, PhD, CBiol, MIBiol (auth.)

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This guide is meant as an introductory consultant to scholars in any respect degrees at the ideas and perform of plant development research. Many have came across this quantitative method of be helpful within the description and interpretation of the functionality of entire plant platforms grown less than typical, semi-natural or managed stipulations. many of the tools defined require simply easy experimental information and amenities. For the classical process, GCSE biology and arithmetic (or their equivalents) are the one theoretical backgrounds required. For the practical technique, a bit calculus and statistical thought is required. the entire themes in regards to the quantitative foundation of productiveness lately brought to the Biology A-level syllabus by way of the Joint Matriculation Board are lined. The book replaces my simple Plant progress research (1978, London: Edward Arnold) that's now out of print. The presentation is especially uncomplicated certainly; the hole pages provide purely crucial outlines of the most matters. they're via short, standardized bills of every growth-analytical idea taken in flip. The illustrations deal extra with the houses of well-grown fabric than with the results of particular environmental alterations, although that's the place a lot of the subject's curiosity lies. in spite of the fact that, precise references to the suitable elements of extra com­ prehensive works seem all through, and a later part on 'Inter­ relatives' provides standpoint. a few 'Questions and solutions' may help to teach what subject matters will come up if the topic is pursued further.

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Am. Nat. ) Age interval (days) Length of interval (days) 0- 63 63-124 124-184 184-215 215-231 231-247 247-264 264-271 271-278 278-285 285-292 292-299 63 61 60 31 16 16 17 299-306 306-313 313-320 320-327 327-334 334-341 341-348 348-355 355 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 No. 14 CONCLUDING REMARKS The Type I quantities are the simplest possible measures of plant growth rate. g. when parts of crops such as fruits or flowers need to be of a certain size before they become marketable, or when population size is approaching a fixed threshold or carrying capacity.

H. Blackman, RGR expresses growth in terms of a rate of increase in size per unit of size. This allows more equitable comparisons than an absolute growth rate. Normally, RGR deals with total dry weight, but other measures of size may be used (see next entry). nancial world, RGR is analogous to the rate of compound interest earned on capital. Negative RGRs are relative decay rates. Symbol and definition R, the rate of increase of total dry weight per plant, W, expressed per unit of W. Dimensions and units MM- I T- I; typically gg- I day-I or gg-I week- I (if both weights are in the same units they can be cancelled out); per cent per time may be used.

If at the end of the week the two mean dry weights were found to be 2 g and 11 g respectively, which species can we say had grown faster? In one sense, the two performances were identical, equal weights having been gained over an equal period-of time, in fact at a mean absolute growth rate of 1 g week -1. But knowing that their initial dry weights were so dissimilar, it is easy to see that the performance of the frrst species, which doubled its dry weight, is in an important sense superior to that of the second, which increased its weight by only a tenth.

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