By Sergio Martínez, Claudia J. del Río, Alejandra Rojas

ISBN-10: 940076054X

ISBN-13: 9789400760547

The Quaternary includes a quick time within the Earth’s heritage, and except a couple of exceptions, molluscan assemblages recovered from exposures alongside the coast of Southwestern South the USA (Southern Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina) are basically an analogous than those who inhabit the area at the present time, resulting in the idea that no very important swap within the distribution of the faunas considering the fact that Pleistocene occasions has happened. in spite of the fact that, the great taxonomic and temporal answer reached within the final years, allowed us to discover a few biogeographic alterations, even supposing conventional biogeographic devices stay an identical (i.e. Magellanic and Argentinean Provinces). those adjustments contain as a rule diversifications within the taxonomic composition of the assemblages and within the southern barriers of a few species distributions (extralimital species), this day retracted northwards. those alterations are regarding southward shifts of the nice and cozy waters of the Brazilian present, correlated with worldwide hot peaks. This phenomenon was once extra excessive within the past due Pleistocene (MIS 5e) and within the Holocene among ca. 6500-3500 14C 12 months.

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2 Holocene There are a total of 278 Holocene species (149 gastropods and 129 bivalves), three of which could correspond to extinct ones. 6b). 10) reveals, as it happened during Pleistocene times, a latitudinal control over the molluskan distribution, with a southern group (San Jorge Gulf–Tierra del Fuego) and a northern one (including the remaining regions), which, in turn, internally also shows a latitudinal control, grouping Uruguay–Buenos Aires along with Rio Grande do Sul– Rio de Janeiro. 10 Cluster analysis of Holocene areas.

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