By Tom Rea

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Tom Rea lines the evolution of medical concept concerning dinosaurs and divulges the deception, hostility, and occasionally outright aggression found in the early years of fossil hunting.  This e-book info some of the most famous—and notorious—dinosaur skeletons ever stumbled on: Diplodocus carnegii, named after Andrew Carnegie.

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When he examined some dinosaur communities from the Cretaceous period, he noticed that there was a considerably larger number of potential prey compared to the number of predators. He came to a similar conclusion after studying Tertiary mammal communities. Dinosaurs change in fossil abundance) taken from the fossil record. Bakker examined the times of origin and extinction of the dinosaurs for evidence that might have had a bearing on their putative physiology. The time of origin of the dinosaurs, during the Late Triassic (225 Ma), coincided with the time of the evolution of some of the most mammal-like creatures, with the first true mammals appearing about 200 Ma.

The long arms and sharply clawed hands would be effective grapples for holding and ripping its prey in either of these prey-capture scenarios and the curious raking motion made possible by the wrist joints enhances their raptorial abilities considerably. In addition, the long, whip-like tail may well have served as a cantilever – the equivalent of a tightrope walker’s pole to aid balance when slashing with one foot – or it could have served as a dynamic stabilizer, which would prove useful when chasing fast-moving prey that were capable of changing direction very quickly or when leaping on prey.

Comparison of the clavicles of (a) early theropod dinosaurs, (b) Archaeopteryx (clavicles are fused together), and (c) modern birds Armed with more recent discoveries of dinosaurs around the world, Ostrom was able to show that a number of dinosaurs did actually possess small clavicles, removing at a stroke Heilmann’s big stumbling block to a dinosaurian ancestry for birds. Encouraged by this discovery and his own detailed observations on theropods and Archaeopteryx, Ostrom launched a comprehensive assault on Heilmann’s theory in a series of articles in the early 1970s.

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