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Tired of forking over 1/2 your paycheck on bar tabs? obtain “Brewing Beer at domestic: The How-To consultant” and discover ways to microbrew beer correct at domestic! You’ll get monetary savings and galvanize family and friends along with your personal creations.

This Vook will hide the entire bases out of your homebrewing orientation to bottling your brew and every little thing in-between. In 8 chapters and video clips, you’ll find out about the 4 materials you’ll want to make your beer and all of the brewing apparatus you’ll want (hint: you'll already personal such a lot of it). as soon as your equipment is ready, you’ll examine, step by step, how one can arrange the brew, and the way the brewing procedure works. most significantly, “How to Brew Beer at domestic: The How-To advisor” will assist you formulate your personal recipes so that you can positioned your personal own stamp at the beer.

Download this Vook now and begin your personal at-home brewery today!

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Chapter 3 Homebrewing Equipment Here is a list of equipment items you should start out with and descriptions of their use. Most are inexpensive and easily obtained through your local homebrew supply shop or a reputable Internet homebrew supply site. The following items are typical found in pre-packaged brewing kits costing around $100 - $125. 5 gallon HDPE plastic bottling bucket with spigot 5 gallon glass carboy with rubber stopper 3 pc. fermentation airlock with rubber stopper 18” plastic brewing spoon Triple-scale hydrometer with test cylinder 4 ft.

After one-hour boil, turn off heat. Cool wort in sink with cold water bath (plug drain and fill sink with cold water; immerse brewpot in cold water to cool). When brewpot is cooled enough to the touch, pour wort into fermenter, top-up with water to 5 gallons total liquid volume. Take hydrometer reading and record the number(s) for future alcohol content estimation. Add or “pitch” yeast by pouring into fermenter; seal fermenter with lid and airlock (fill airlock half way with water). Place fermenter in a cool, dark place such as basement, crawl space or interior closet.

Now that you have a before and after gravity reading, you have to do a bit of simple math. By looking at the third scale --which is the “Alcohol Potential” scale-- at the same points on the scale as the gravity readings, simply subtract the second, or Final, gravity reading from the first, or Original, gravity reading. The remainder of that equation represents the alcohol content of your beer. 016 (2% alcohol potential) = 4% ABV (alcohol by volume). DID YOU KNOW? Potential alcohol in wort (unfermented beer) and actual alcohol content in the finished beer are never the same.

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