By Phillips J.S., Strozak V.S., Wistrom C.

ISBN-10: 0078258707

ISBN-13: 9780078258701

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Remove the magnet from the cereal and examine it carefully. Record your observations. Analysis 1. The substance attracted to your magnet is a common element. What is it? 2. Why do you think that this element is added to the cereal? Compounds Are More Than One Element You’ve learned that a compound is a pure substance that can be broken down into elements. A more complete definition is that a compound is a chemical combination of two or more different elements joined together in a fixed proportion.

00119 contained in a unit of volume. 70 density or small mass per unit of volume. 34 a large density or a large mass per unit of volume. 59 (volume) or g/mL. 12 some common materials. 36 Chapter 1 Chemistry: The Science of Matter To find the density of a chunk of matter, it is necessary to measure both its mass and its volume. 22. It could be used for any object that is heavier than water and does not dissolve in water. 22 Determining Density Here’s one way to determine the density of a solid such as lead.

Actually, the chemical structure and purity of both is identical. However, being able to make taxol synthetically is a real advantage; drug companies may be able to produce it more cheaply, and they can work on modifying its structure to make it more effective. Trunk of Pacific yew Analyzing the Issue 1. Acquiring Information Find out why scientists were concerned that the use of taxol could endanger the Pacific yew and whether this is still a concern. 2. Modeling In what ways are the structures of salicylic acid and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) alike?

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Chemistry.. Concepts and Applications, Student Edition by Phillips J.S., Strozak V.S., Wistrom C.

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