By Edgar Allan Poe

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ISBN-13: 9780497913564

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This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variations of amassed Works of Poe, quantity V. This version will be us

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Edgar Allan Poe 37 tenements were seen tottering to their fall, in directions so many and capricious that scarce the semblance of a passage was discernible between them. The paving-stones lay at random, displaced from their beds by the rankly-growing grass. Horrible filth festered in the dammed-up gutters. The whole atmosphere teemed with desolation. Yet, as we proceeded, the sounds of human life revived by sure degrees, and at length large bands of the most abandoned of a London populace were seen reeling to and fro.

I felt a calm but inquisitive interest in every thing. % This latter is one of the principal thoroughfares of the city, and had been very much crowded during the whole day. But, as the darkness came on, the throng momently increased; and, by the time the lamps were well lighted, two dense and continuous tides of population were rushing past the door. At this particular period of the evening I had never before been in a similar situation, and the tumultuous sea of human heads filled me, therefore, with a delicious novelty of emotion.

Cupola: 둥근 지붕, 선회 포탑, 큐폴라, 둥근 지붕의 탑, 둥근 천장, 반구모양의 융기, 용선로, 반구 모양의 기관, 반구 모양의 융기, 둥근 지붕의 꼭대기 탑. hurriedly: 매우 급히, 서둘러서. ocular: 접안경, 눈으로 본, 눈의, 시각상의, 접안렌즈. plastered: 취한, 술에 취해서. residue: 잔여, 잉여, 나머지, 잔류물, 찌꺼기, 잔여 재산, 잔재. saturated: 흠뻑 젖은, 규토를 최대한으로 포함한, 스며든, 포화도에 달한, 속속들이 스며든, 가득한. stockinet: 메리야스, 메리야스천. successively: 연속적으로, 잇따라서, 잇달아서. superintendence: 감독, 관리, 지휘. tar: 타르, 뱃사람, 엄하게 벌하다, 선원, 가출옥 때의 남은 형기, 타르를 바르다. truthfulness: 정직함. unsightly: 보기 거북한, 꼴사나운, 보기 흉한. 26 Collected Works of Poe, Volume V chandelier was removed.

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