By Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon C. Barker, Richard D. Nation

Obtainable to scholars and versatile for teachers, university Trigonometry, 6th variation, makes use of the dynamic hyperlink among innovations and purposes to convey arithmetic to lifestyles. by way of incorporating interactive studying options, the Aufmann workforce is helping scholars to higher comprehend innovations, paintings independently, and procure better mathematical fluency. The textual content additionally comprises know-how gains to deal with classes that permit the choice of utilizing graphing calculators. extra software elements that aid pupil good fortune comprise Eduspace instructional perform, on-line homework, SMARTHINKING stay on-line Tutoring, and tutorial DVDs.The authors' confirmed Aufmann Interactive strategy permits scholars to attempt a ability because it is gifted in instance shape. This interplay among the examples and take a look at routines serves as a checkpoint to scholars as they learn the textbook, do their homework, or examine a bit. within the 6th variation, evaluate Notes are featured extra prominently in the course of the textual content to assist scholars realize the major prerequisite talents had to comprehend new thoughts.

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The definition of a function as a set of ordered pairs in which no two ordered pairs that have the same first coordinate have different second coordinates implies that any vertical line intersects the graph of a function at no more than one point. This is known as the vertical line test. The Vertical Line Test for Functions A graph is the graph of a function if and only if no vertical line intersects the graph at more than one point. EXAMPLE 6 » Apply the Vertical Line Test State whether the graph is the graph of a function.

14 help illustrate trends. 14, will the revenues from Web-filtering software in 2009 be more or less than twice the revenues in 2003? In some instances, it is important to know when two ordered pairs are equal. ANSWER More. The revenue in 2003 was about $350 million. The projected revenue in 2009 is about $925 million, more than twice $350 million. 2 17 A Two-Dimensional Coordinate System and Graphs Definition of the Equality of Ordered Pairs The ordered pairs ͑a, b͒ and ͑c, d͒ are equal if and only if a ෇ c and b ෇ d.

The axes intersect at the point ͑0, 0͒, called the origin. 12, the axes are labeled such that positive numbers appear to the right of the origin on the x-axis and above the origin on the y-axis. The four regions formed by the axes are called quadrants and are numbered counterclockwise. This two-dimensional coordinate system is referred to as a Cartesian coordinate system in honor of René Descartes. 12 x 16 Chapter 1 Functions and Graphs take note The notation (a, b) was used earlier to denote an interval on a one- To plot a point P͑a, b͒ means to draw a dot at its location in the coordinate plane.

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