By Elizabeth Aughey

Organized by way of body-system, this hugely illustrated quantity covers the traditional histological visual appeal of tissues in quite a lot of animals, either household and unique species, with proper scientific correlates emphasizing the necessity to enjoy the traditional so one can realize the irregular. The breadth of coverage―farm animals, canine, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish―and the mixing of standard and irregular tissue supply a reference of lasting price to veterinary scholars, veterinary practitioners, and pathologists.

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2) Bone spicules with osteocytes (arrowed). (3) Osteoblasts (arrowhead) on the free surface of the bone. H & E. ×160. 41 Compact bone (dog). (1) Compact bone with osteocytes in lacunae arranged in lamellae with a central canal carrying blood vessels and nerves. The canal is lined by endosteum. (2) Periosteum. (3) Endosteum of the marrow cavity. H & E. 5. 40 Compact bone (dog). (1) Compact bone of the diaphysis of the femur. (2) Periosteum. (3) Endosteum. (4) Marrow with a high proportion of fat cells.

3) Erythrocytes. (4) Myeloblast. (5) Promyelocyte. (6) Myelocyte. (7) Polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Giemsa. ×500. 26 Bone marrow: production of blood cells 3 Haemopoietic tissue located in the adult bone marrow is responsible for the production of red cells, granular and agranular white cells, and platelets. 29). 26 Bone marrow (dog). (1) Basophilic erythroblast, prorubricyte. (2) Polychromatophil erythroblast, rubricyte. (3) Promyelocyte. (4) Myelocyte. Giemsa. ×480. 27 Bone marrow (dog). (1) Basophilic erythroblast, prorubricyte.

Granular leucocytes account for approximately 24% of the white cells and are classified as het- erophils, eosinophils and basophils. 18). The eosinophils are about 7 +m in diameter and rounded granules are present in the cytoplasm. They are less regularly rounded than are the heterophils and most have a bilobed nucleus. The specific granules are round or oval and smaller than the granules of the heterophils. 20). The basophil is more numerous than in the mammal; the granules are deep blue staining.

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