By K.D. Williams

Listed here are a few random scenes that you simply, as an writer, can installed your publication. at no cost! for instance, perhaps your personality is in a motor vehicle chase. What cool issues or fascinating issues can occur to them? good, you could upload in a helicopter scene or even a transformer-type of scene. pass forward; discover what I’m speaking about….

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Be unique in your approach. Writing is about making the impossible, possible. There are no limits in our world. We are the creators, the establishers and the motivators. If, for some reason this booklet isn’t helpful, at least take one lesson from it: DON’T BE AFRAID TO WRITE SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Remember, every scene has a consequence so don’t forget to add those in there, as well. Or, you can make up your own. This booklet is best used when you have writer’s block and can’t figure out what scenes you can add in your book to make it interesting.

Potential Consequence: If the crush finds out what the character is doing, then they are screwed. They are manipulating their crush and the crush wouldn’t like that very much, would they? ** If a character wants to break up with their mate… You can have the character pretend to be ill or sick or even pretend to move away. The mate will want to know the details, but other than that they would understanding of why the character wants to break up with them. They will kiss them goodbye and say ‘I love you’ and whatnot.

The mate will then feel obligated to break up with the no-good character that is a plain embarrassment. Potential Consequence: the mate can love everything about the character and even do exactly what they’re doing in order to show their undying love. So, the character will have to try something else. DRAMA If your character is arguing with a loved one… You can have the character bring up things about the past, negative things that should have been forgotten. This will make the loved one feel bad and probably make them go into silent mode.

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