By Ronald V. Clark, John E. Eck

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ISBN-13: 9781932582529

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Drugs, you gonna have to deal with too many people, [a] bunch of people. You gonna sell a fifty-dollar or hundred dollar bag to him, a fifty-dollar or hundred-dollar bag to him, it takes too long. But if you find where the cash money is and just go take it, you get it all in one wad" (pp. 51-52). Choosing the victim "See, I know the places to go [to locate good robbery targets]. Usually I go to all the places where dope men hang out... but I [also have] done some people coming out of those instant tellers" (p.

Nevertheless, such comparisons provide an generators have many crimes, but as their number of early indicator of how to proceed and establish targets is high, they have low crime rates (Place B in Table hypotheses for later examination (see Step 20). Such 1). Crime attractors also have many crimes, but as they analysis will help suggest the types of responses that have relatively few targets, their crime rates are high could be effective. This is summarized in Table 3. (Place A). Crime enablers, with their weakened behavior controls, tend to be unattractive to targets.

Paul Ekblom, Ken Pease, and other researchers often use the analogy of an arms race between preventers and offenders when discussing this process. So, in time, we can expect many crimes that have been reduced by preventive measures to reappear as criminals discover new ways to commit them. Adaptation may occur as the original offenders slowly discover new methods, or it may occur as new offenders take advantage of changing opportunities. A good example of adaptation is credit card fraud (see the Box).

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