By Magar E. Mager

ISBN-10: 0124656501

ISBN-13: 9780124656505

ISBN-10: 0323147380

ISBN-13: 9780323147385

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2-13) If in a k where k is some «22 .. = «11 = constant, t h e n the diagonal matrix is called a scalar matrix. 1 01 1. (2-14) 0 1 0 (2-15) SQUARE M A T R I C E S If A and Β are square matrices such that AB = ΒΑ (2-16) then A and Β are said to c o m m u t e . e. A I n — I nA (2-17) in addition each matrix commutes with itself A A = AA. N o w if we 2 3 2 4 3 n n _ 1 define A = AA, A = A A , A = A A , . . , A = A A , it is easy to n m w n n+m show, by induction, that A A = A A = A . If for a matrix A we +1 have A * = A, where k is a positive integer, t h e n A is said to be nil2 potent with index k.

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