By Robert G. Mortimer

Mathematics for actual Chemistry is the perfect supplementary textual content for practising chemists and scholars who are looking to sharpen their arithmetic talents whereas enrolled typically via actual chemistry classes. This booklet in particular emphasizes using arithmetic within the context of actual chemistry, instead of being easily a arithmetic text.

This 4e comprises new workouts in every one bankruptcy that offer perform in a strategy instantly after dialogue or instance and inspire self-study. The early chapters are built round a chain of mathematical subject matters, with a gentle development into extra complex fabric. a last bankruptcy discusses mathematical subject matters wanted within the research of experimental data.

  • Numerous examples and difficulties interspersed through the presentations
  • Each wide bankruptcy encompasses a preview and objectives
  • Includes issues now not present in related books, similar to a overview of basic algebra and an advent to crew theory
  • Provides chemistry-specific guideline with no the distraction of summary ideas or theoretical concerns in natural mathematics

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