By Brendan DuBois

ISBN-10: 0751537195

ISBN-13: 9780751537192

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They died . . and came back to life changed, gifted; the vacuum in their hearts filled by a new gift, one given in pity and in love. They were the first Abandoned Ones. Wanderers saved the boy, and when he grew up, he could create fire in the palm of his hand. He gathered around him others like him, babes who had been tossed aside like offal and, in amends, had been given a special gift. They were the Chosen, seven men and women who formed a powerful force of light in a dark world. When Genny was fifteen, her father got fired for stealing from the Gypsy Travel Agency, from the very people who organized and protected the Chosen Ones.

The Chosen laughed and clapped. John raised his hand and prepared to use his power to help Gary lift her—and a violent jolt shook the room. The glacier roared. A huge slab of rock tilted back as if some beast was deconstructing the cave. The ledge that held Gary shook so hard it slowly separated from the wall, and behind him dust rose from the passage. Amina screamed. Sophie backed away. ” John took Sophie by the shoulders and shoved her toward the passage out. “Bataar, take her. Max, get the hell out of here.

Water ran from the ceiling. The chamber looked like a tropical storm had struck . . a frigid tropical storm. John didn’t feel the cold. Sweat broke out on his forehead, trickled down his spine. The might of the glacier, of one of nature’s most commanding forces, clashed with John’s subtler, more unfathomable power—and John knew he couldn’t hold on forever. But long enough for the Chosen to escape . . His arms trembled with the strain. Where did the power come from? He didn’t know. He did know it wasn’t his—that he drew energy from the stones, the stars, the universe: he was merely a conduit.

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