By Douglas Downing

ISBN-10: 0764141392

ISBN-13: 9780764141393

This quick-reference dictionary for math scholars, lecturers, engineers, and statisticians defines greater than seven hundred phrases on the topic of algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, chance, data, good judgment, and calculus. It additionally lists and defines mathematical symbols, contains a short desk of integrals, and describes how you can derive key theorems. choked with illustrative diagrams and equations.

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The value of a is the y intercept. The catenary can also be represented by the hyperbolic cosine function y ϭ cosh x The curve formed by a flexible rope allowed to hang between two posts will be a catenary. ) CENTER (1) The center of a circle is the point that is the same distance from all of the points on the circle. (2) The center of a sphere is the point that is the same distance from all of the points on the sphere. (3) The center of an ellipse is the point where the two axes of symmetry (the major axis and the minor axis) intersect.

Geometrically, this means finding the slope of the tangent line to a function at a particular point; physically, this means finding the speed of an object if you are given its position as a function of time. ” See derivative for a table of the derivatives of different functions. The process of finding the derivative of a function is called differentiation. If f is a function of more than one variable, as in f (x, y) then the partial derivative of f with respect to x (written as ∂f / ∂x) is found by taking the derivative of f with respect to x, while assuming that y remains constant.

You can verify that these form an orthonormal set. Then the components of the vector (10, 12) in this basis become: 110, 202 # 13>5, 4>52 ϭ 30>5 ϩ 80>5 ϭ 22 110, 202 # 1Ϫ4>5, 3>52 ϭ Ϫ40>5 ϩ 60>5 ϭ 4 and the vector can be written: 110, 202 ϭ 22 ϫ 13>5, 4>52 ϩ 4 ϫ 1Ϫ4>5, 3>52 ϭ 22e1 ϩ 4e2 BAYES Thomas Bayes (1702 to 1761) was an English mathematician who studied probability and statistical inference. ) BAYES’S RULE Bayes’s rule tells how to find the conditional probability Pr(B|A) (that is, the probability that event B will occur, given that event A has occurred), provided that Pr(A|B) and Pr(A|Bc) are known.

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