By J.P. May, F. Quinn, N. Ray, I. Tornehave

ISBN-10: 3540081364

ISBN-13: 9783540081364

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It is a complete creation to Landau Lifshitz equations and Landau Lifshitz Maxwell equations, starting with the paintings via Yulin Zhou and Boling Guo within the early Eighties and together with lots of the paintings performed through this chinese language crew led by means of Zhou and Guo when you consider that. The ebook makes a speciality of elements corresponding to the lifestyles of susceptible options in multi dimensions, lifestyles and forte of gentle suggestions in a single size, family members with harmonic map warmth flows, partial regularity and very long time behaviors.

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E infinity ring spaces and E infinity ring spectra by J.P. May, F. Quinn, N. Ray, I. Tornehave

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