By P. H. Collin, Kathy Rooney

ISBN-10: 0747566240

ISBN-13: 9780747566243

More uncomplicated English pupil Dictionary КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Автор: коллектив авторов Название: more straightforward English scholar Dictionary Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing PLCГод: 2003 Формат: pdf Размер: nine Mb Язык: английскийThe totally revised and up-to-date variation of this bestselling basic English dictionary is mainly beneficial for these training FCE (First certificates Examination), and IELTS (International English Language trying out process) examinations. the recent version comprises 28,000 expressions utilized in overseas English. the choice is predicated on word-frequency counts and analyses of the CAT (Certificate in complex English) examination syllabuses. Entries comprise examples from daily speech, abnormal varieties, derived phrases, modifications among English and American utilization, and support with confusable phrases (e.g. insure and ensure). Encyclopedic reviews spotlight ancient and cultural phrases (Guy Fawkes, Pancake Day) and technical phrases similar to the periodic desk, the metric process and greenhouse gases. • 35,000 entries supply transparent, updated phrases and expressions utilized in British, American and foreign English • phrases outlined in transparent, easy English, utilizing our 1,500-word restricted defining vocabulary • every one access contains a part of speech, phonetic pronunciation publications and instance sentences exhibiting how phrases are used.rapidshare zero 1 2 three four five

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To organise ć Let’s arrange to meet somewhere before we go to the theatre. ć The tour has been arranged by the travel agent. ć She arranged for a taxi to meet him at the airport. ć I’ve arranged with my mother that she will feed the cat while we’re away. 3. to change a piece of music in order to make it suitable for playing on different instruments ć The piece was written for the piano, but it has been arranged for full orchestra. ) ② arrangement /ə rend mənt/ noun 1. the process of putting things into an order ć the arrangement of the pictures in a book 2.

Antisocial behaviour / ntisəυʃ(ə)l bhevjə/ noun bad or unpleasant behaviour in public antithesis / n tθəss/ noun the exact opposite of something. ) antlers / ntləz/ plural noun the horns of a deer ć Deer grow new antlers each summer and then shed them in the winter. antonym / ntənm/ noun a word which means the opposite of another word. ) anvil / nvl/ noun 1. a block on which pieces of hot metal can be placed to shape them 2. one of the three little bones in the middle ear ③ anxiety / ŋ zaəti/ noun 1.

A round structure forming a roof or doorway ˽ Norman arch an arch in the shape of a half-circle 2. ) í verb to make something round like an arch. Synonym curve. Antonym straighten archaeological / ɑ kiə lɒd k(ə)l/ adj referring to archaeology ③ archaeologist / ɑ ki ɒləd st/ noun a person who studies or is a specialist in archaeology ③ archaeology / ɑ ki ɒləd i/ noun the digging up of buried remains of buildings to study ancient civilisations archaic /ɑ kek/ adj 1. dating from ancient times 2.

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