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Since 1850, the consumption of fat in industrialized countries has risen constantly. It is assumed that the German population satisfies -40% of its energy demand with fats and oils. Currently, the amounts consumed consist of approximately equal shares of butter, margarine, and edible oil, as well as tallow and lard (Fig. 19). The proportion of margarine has dropped since the 1950s in favor of edible oil and fat. The market for emulsion fats altogether is currently dropping at a rate of -3% per year.

Worldwide, the production of oleochemicals is -9-10 million ton (Seidel 1983), and a wide range of products is produced (Fig. 25). 7). In 1981, after a continuous rise since the first energy crisis in 1973, the price of the raw material ethylene had climbed beyond that of soybean, coconut and palm oils, and tallow (Fig. 26). At that time, large chemical companies tried to secure their position by acquisitions that would provide a position in this raw material market. In the meantime, ethylene prices have fallen again.

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