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With FORTH it is also easy to change a program. You may defin a new word with another sequence of predefined words. Try it in this example. Rearrange the words in such a 37 manner, so that bottom line are two side lines. the top line and the drawn first and then the In this example, line one of the text screen #140 is left blank. In developing this screen, the words FORGET START were inserted. These words were inserted after the first compilation of the screen. This prevents the stack of the vocabulary from becoming too large, thus recievinig the message word NOT UNIQUE.

First, there is no GOTO statement. Therefore FORTH is like PASCAL, a highly structered programming language. •• ELSE ••• THEN. These statements along with the DO ••• LOOP must be used within a colon definition. They can not be executed directly by the interpreter. 4-1 DO ••• LOOP • The DO ••. LOOP creates a finite number program loops. The definition is: DO LOOP ( nn' ) of Loops from n ' to n-l, the increment of the loop is one . Terminates the loop inside the program. Increments the index by one .

N is the horizontal row and nl the vertical column. By sending out an end of file character ( 155 EMIT ) the cursor is placed at the specified position. The word CLR clears the TV screen and positions the cursor in the upper left corner. 5-4 HEXDUM~ Most of the FORTH versions have defined the word DUMP as that which dumps the content of memory locatIons on the screen. The program in Fig 5-9 ( screens 88 and 89 ) is a similar program. The word DDUMP requests two numbers on the stack. N is the starting address and nl the number of lines, eight bytes each.

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