By J C Wollin R P MacFall

ISBN-10: 0442250614

ISBN-13: 9780442250614

Fossils for Amateurs Paperback - September 1, 1976 by way of J C Wollin R P MacFall (Author)

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B r y o z o a n s and boring corals leave tiny tubelike h o l e s , again most c o m m o n l y in shells. Everyone is familiar with teredo w o o d , w h i c h has b e c o m e the official state rock of N o r t h D a k o t a . T h e teredo (or s h i p w o r m ) is just as active today as it has b e e n ever since it first made its a p p e a r a n c e in the fossil record in the Jurassic period. T h e teredo is not a w o r m but a clam turned lumberjack. It is a m e m b e r of the pelecypod (clam) suborder Adesmacea, comprising clams that bore.

S u c h deposits of dinosaur b o n e s are f o u n d in m a n y w e s t e r n states. Heedless of such c o m p a n y , worms and b o t t o m dwellers crawled on and in the sandy b o t t o m , leaving behind their o w n fossil trails. S h a l l o w ocean b a y s that existed 2 7 5 million years ago collected quanti- W H E R E FOSSILS O C C U R 49 Fossils are usually poorly preserved in sandstone, and identification is difficult. These clams are from Kansas. ties of Coal Age plants, torn loose from swamps near the shore during flood stages and floated out into the bay.

He perfected his s y s t e m o v e r m a n y years and published the tenth edition of his b o o k , Systema Naturae, in 1 7 5 8 . T h i s is the basis of zoological n o m e n c l a t u r e . CLASSIFYING P L A N T S A N D A N I M A L S In w h a t is k n o w n as the Linnaean s y s t e m , e a c h o r g a n i s m — a n i m a l or plant, living or f o s s i l — i s identified by two n a m e s . T h e first is the generic or general n a m e (the n a m e of the g e n u s ) , w h i c h is written with a capital letter; the second is the trivial n a m e , which is not capitalized.

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