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8 V, and rises an falls of the voltage depend on the value of the capacitor. THE OVERALL RESULTS OF THE TESTS (OPTIONS 1, 2 and 3) The symmetry of interaction in systems with electromagnetic field feedback (as with switched inductance) appears to be violated, and this implies that this arrangement could be used to generate energy. COMMENT: You need to choose the load in order to get the maximum power output. Very low, and very high loads, will send almost no energy to the load. 61 ILLUSTRATION FOR SWITCHABLE INDUCTANCE EXPLANATION: The circuit has two kinds of currents: the main current and the shunting current.

Capacitors 2 and 14 are used to achieve this goal). This is multi-spark excitation. COMMENT: Charges are pumping from the ground to 11-15 circuit, this device extracts charge from ambient space. Because of this, it will not work properly without a ground connection. 35 If you need Mains frequency, or don’t want use an output spark, then read the following parts… Asymmetrical transformers can be used (read the following parts) POSSIBLE SEG ARRANGEMENT (From Russian forum) COMMENT: The L1 Tesla coil shown above, is energised by spark f1.

Here is a possible alternative. Please note that the position of the output coil must be adjusted, it’s best position depending on value of resistor Rc and the frequency being produced by signal generator F1. Here is another possible arrangement. Here, the position of the output coil depends on L1 and L2: 47 A NOMOGRAPH Using a nomograph: Draw a straight line from your chosen 30 kHz frequency (purple line) through your chosen 100 nanofarad capacitor value and carry the line on as far as the (blue) inductance line as shown above.

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