By B.E. Keen, M. Huguet and R.M. Hemsworth (Eds.)

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Estimated levels o f activity The levels of neutron induced activity of the compo­ nents of the JET machine, the auxiliary heating equipment and diagnostics and the torus hall have been calculated using the FISPA CT code and the U K ACT 1 library. The calculations assumed that 10 2 4 neutrons would be generated over a 2 year period of full power D - T operation and since rate effects are insignificant, the levels of activity are proportional to the assumed number of neutrons. The specific activities of several machine compo­ nents are shown in table 1.

In the case of the waste from power reac­ tors, the volumes and the environmental hazards are compared with those for fission reactors. 2. Waste from JE T JET is the first fusion experiment which produces significant numbers of neutrons and which will generate radioactive waste requiring disposal. 4 X 101 6 neu­ tro n s/s from D - D reactions (equivalent to 100 kW of fusion power), and it is estimated that during full power operation with deuterium-tritium it will produce 1 0 2 0 neutrons per pulse from D - T reactions.

The figures are speculative, and the outturns will be affected by fluctuations and shocks, by developments in the rest of the world and by environmental pressure to reduce energy consumption. S. Pease / Safety and environmental issues of fusion 26 to judge potentially better alternative technologies such as fusion. 3. Envisaged fusion reactors Year Year Fig. 1. Baseload electricity generation: (a) crude oil real price; (b) price of coal; both as a function of year. capacity, so that at least the lower part of the postulated range of required investment is plausible.

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