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Clement, lenient, soft, kind, gracious, minutely: (adv) precisely, in detail, tolerant, merciful, compassionate; closely, tinily, smally, insignificantly, ANTONYMS: (n) importance, worth, (adj, v) permissive. ANTONYMS: infinitesimally, diminutively, nicely, helpfulness, appropriateness. Jane Austen 29 CHAPTER 5 Catherine was not so much engaged at the theatre that evening, in returning the nods and smiles of Miss Thorpe, though they certainly claimed much of her leisure, as to forget to look with an inquiring eye for Mr.

Worldly: (adj, adv) earthly; (adj) mundane, secular, terrestrial, temporal, carnal, sophisticated, lay, profane; (adv) mundanely, temporally. ANTONYMS: (adj) spiritual, naive, cloistered, religious, unsophisticated, unworldly, unrefined, otherworldly, low, heavenly, immaterial. % Thesaurus already: (adv) beforehand, previously, pledged, involved, committed. memorandum. ANTONYMS: (adj) before, formerly, even now, just now, ANTONYMS: (adj) free, unengaged, huge, big, gigantic, significant, at present, once, heretofore, yet, in unemployed, uncommitted, cursory, immeasurable, tremendous, advance.

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