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After examining this publication, it is possible for you to to think about many matters, from philosophical faculties to newspaper headlines, rock track songs to political views, with a deeper figuring out, and determine the which means and goals at the back of occasions and phenomena.

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There is no doubt that God knows what they keep secret and what they make public. He does not love people puffed up with pride. " (Qur'an, 16: 22-24) This verse reveals that the real reason of the unbelievers' rejection of religion is the arrogance hidden in their hearts. The philosophy called humanism is merely the outward manner by which this age rejects God. In other words, humanism is not a new way of thinking, as those who es- Contrary to the promises of humanist philosophy, atheism have brought only war, conflict, cruelty and suffering to the world.

4. Ancient Egypt was governed by the pagan system of Pharaoh, and there we found an idea that forms the basis of the modern atheistic philosophy: that of a universe existing of its own accord, and evolving by chance. All this surely paints an interesting picture. Is it by chance that the philosophy of the priests of Ancient Egypt still thrives, and that there exist traces of a chain (Kabbalah-Templars-Masonry) that has been responsible for maintaining the supremacy of this philosophy to the present day?

But, this secret, which was transmitted secretly, could be understood only by the Kabbalists. 30 When the Templars adopted this ancient Egyptian-Kabbalist doctrine, naturally, they came into conflict with the Christian establishment that dominated Europe. This was a conflict they shared with another important force—the Jews. After the Templars were arrested, by joint order of the king of France and the Pope in 1307, the order went underground, GL GLOBAL FREEMASONRY but its influence continued, and in a more radical and determined way.

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