By David Fessenden

ISBN-10: 1440234507

ISBN-13: 9781440234507

In this excerpt from Defensive Handgun Skills, David Fessenden provides diversity workouts to you for the keep on with up that occurs in the street after a gun struggle.

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The final check. Stage #3: Scan This is a slow, deliberate 360° scan of the complete area surrounding your position. You are searching for any additional accomplices of the adversary that may want to get involved in this fight. The scan. Cover and Concealment Based on what your scan tells you about your attacker, you may choose to engage him from cover or conceal yourself. The difference between the two is that cover protects you from being hit by an incoming round while concealment simply hides you from the attacker’s view.

DRY PRACTICE: The act of practicing gun handling and marksmanship techniques without any ammunition in the weapon. EMERGENCY RELOAD: An operational technique to reload a fresh magazine into the weapon after it has been fired empty to slide lock. EJECTOR: A frame mounted metal part that the spent cartridge case strikes on its travel to the rear. The case is then ejected out the ejection port opening in the slide. FAILURE TO STOP DRILL: A self protection two-step shooting procedure where by the shooter fires two sighted shots into the thoracic cavity of his attacker, comes down to the ready position, pauses, realizes that his attacker is still a threat, comes up to the point in position and fires an aimed, precision shot to his head to end the fight.

CONTROLLED PAIR: Two sighted shots fired at the intended target, each with a distinct, conscious sight picture. COVER: A barrier that will protect you from any shots fired at you. CROSS-EYED DOMINANT: The condition that occurs when your dominant firing side eye and your firing-side hand are opposite from one another. Example; Dominant eye is your right eye, firing-side hand is your left hand. CYCLE OF OPERATION: The total function of a pistol from shot break, ejection of empty cartridge, stripping and loading of new full cartridge into the chamber and locking of slide into battery.

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