By David Fessenden

ISBN-10: 1440234493

ISBN-13: 9781440234491

In this excerpt from Defensive Handgun Skills, David Fessenden covers the 3 major different types of handgun malfunctions you are more likely to face - failure to fireplace, failure to eject and failure to extract feedway stoppage.

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PRESENTATION: The moving of the weapon from the holster to the point in position. Also called the DRAW. +P: A classification of ammunition that is loaded to a higher pressure than standard factory loads. +P+: A classification of ammunition that is loaded to a higher pressure than +P ammunition. READY POSITION: An alert position in which the shooter positions his weapon at a 45 degree angle to the horizontal. RIMFIRE: A cartridge that has its primer material deposited on the inside of the case around the base, in a small, circular lip that extends outward beyond the sidewall of the case.

MAGAZINE RELEASE: A metal button device usually located on the grip frame of a semiautomatic pistol behind the trigger guard which, when depressed, locks the magazine into or releases it from the magazine well. Certain European models have the release button located on the heal of the grip frame butt, just behind the magazine well. MAGAZINE WELL: The hollow portion of the grip frame that holds the loaded magazine. MALFUNCTION: An operational failure of a weapon usually caused by operator error or faulty ammunition.

TACTICAL RELOAD: The act of exchanging a partially full magazine with a fully loaded magazine. Done during a lull in a gunfight to increase the firepower of the weapon. TRIGGER: The component that fires a weapon when the shooter depresses it with a finger. TRIGGER GUARD: The metal ring portion of the weapon that surrounds and protects the trigger. TYPE I MALFUNCTION: A failure to fire. TYPE II MALFUNCTION: A failure to eject. TYPE III MALFUNCTION: A failure to feed. VERTICAL ROTATION: This a modern term for the older term “muzzle flip” to describe the movement of the muzzle up and back under cartridge ignition and subsequent recoil.

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