By David Fessenden

ISBN-10: 144023440X

ISBN-13: 9781440234408

In this excerpt from Defensive Handgun Skills, David Fessenden covers handgun calibers for hid hold, revolvers vs. semiautos, CCW holsters, dry perform, live-fire perform, plus loading and unloading the handgun.

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Done during a lull in a gunfight to increase the firepower of the weapon. TRIGGER: The component that fires a weapon when the shooter depresses it with a finger. TRIGGER GUARD: The metal ring portion of the weapon that surrounds and protects the trigger. TYPE I MALFUNCTION: A failure to fire. TYPE II MALFUNCTION: A failure to eject. TYPE III MALFUNCTION: A failure to feed. VERTICAL ROTATION: This a modern term for the older term “muzzle flip” to describe the movement of the muzzle up and back under cartridge ignition and subsequent recoil.

If you also have decided to apply for a concealed carry weapons permit (CCW), most respectable CCW classes have a portion of that class devoted to the legal responsibilities of concealed carry, usually taught by a retired or active duty law enforcement officer. A knowledge of all the local statutes that govern firearms ownership will definitely affect the decisions you will make should you decide to carry a concealed weapon or even keep a gun in your home. When you couple this responsibility with your formal professional firearms training, you have built a solid base toward responsible, safe gun ownership, one that will minimize any legal problems for you and prevent any potential courtroom visits.

CYLINDER: The elongated, round metal part in the centerline of the revolver frame that holds cartridges in the individual chambers. On a double action revolver, the cylinder advances a round one chamber at a time with each press of the trigger. DECOCKING LEVER: The lever on many semiautomatics that allows the shooter to safely lower the hammer down on the firing pin from the cocked position. DOUBLE ACTION: The action of a firearm where the trigger mechanism can both cock the hammer and then release the hammer to strike the firing pin by simply pressing the trigger all the way to the rear.

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