By Hans-Peter Degischer; Brigitte Kriszt

ISBN-10: 3527303391

ISBN-13: 9783527303397

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O. 10, page 2014 Konstantinos G. 2, page 2433 Jeffrey J. 1 I, page 2971 Matt J. K. 7, page 2746 Carmine Colella Dipartimento di Ingegneria dei Materiali e della Produzione Univerisiti di Napoli “Federico 11” List ofAuthors P. 9, page 2825 Burtron H. 5, page 2623 Wenting T. 1, page 1311 Glenn A. O. 10, page 2014 Dieter Freude Fachbereich Physik Universitat Leipzig Linnestr. 2, page 1591 Alexander E. O. 1 I , page 432 Lawrence W. 10, page 2014 Keith E. K. 12, page 3029 Dieter Honicke Lehrstuhl fin Technische Chemie Technische Universitat Chemnitz Hamlin M.

5, page 1923 Alexander V. V. 2, page 2433 Paul R. 8, page 2804 Suzana P. 3, page 815 John W. K. 4, page 1250 Neil Pryor W. R. -Conn. 1, page 1543 John D. F. G. List of Authors DRP Consulting, Inc. 2825 Wilderness Place Suite 1000 Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA chapter 6. 2, page 236 Douglas M. 1, page 2089 Axel Salden Institut fiir chemische Verfahrenstechnik Universitat Stuttgart Boblinger StraBe72 70199 Stuttgart Germany chapter 6. I, page 2700 Joe. H. Satcher Jr. O. 8, page 1058 Robert A. 2, page 24 chapter 3, page 533 Constanze Setzer GRACE GmbH & Co.

T. Dong, K. Hofmann, andJ. 7 Macropores as Construction Elements 3054 Macropores and Light Propagation 3054 Preparation of Photonic Crystals 3056 Perspectives 3058 References 3059 Index 3065 I xlvii Foreword Porous materials are of great importance in science and industry. This becomes clear when one looks at the number of journals and books concerned exclusively or partially with the study and application of porous solids. Furthermore, the ongoing frequency of important international conferences reveals the continuity of interest in porous solids as shown by many scientists and technologists.

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Handbook of cellular metals : production, processing, applications [4 Vols] by Hans-Peter Degischer; Brigitte Kriszt

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