By Robert E Mattingly; United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division

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But any resistance would not be comparable to that which would be offered by the German army in the Pas de Calais... This is a political more than a military issue. "25 American opposition to GYMNAST centered in the dispute between Marshall and King over whether the Atlantic or Pacific should get priority in naval planning. first Roosevelt, a confirmed advocate of "Europe finally settled the argument by sending both of these, along with his most trusted personal advisor, Harry Hopkins, to London with marching orders to get the problem solved.

The final two checkpoints were a snap. On the morning of 8 November 1942, 83,000 Americans and more than 15,000 British soldiers, sailors, and airmen landed in Oran, Algiers, and across the Atlantic beaches near Casablanca. The French Navy and some ground troops, particularly the colonial infantry - who wore an anchor on their hats and called themselves Marines - briefly fought back. bases. But within four days, Eisenhower had his North African A week later, he and Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham struck a bargain of convenience with French Admiral Darlan which ensured the loyalty of the 105,000 Vichy troops outside metropolitan France.

As the coast road wound closer to Tangier, traffic thickened. More and more Arab villages dotted the roadside, their mud brick buildings encircled by thorn bush barriers against both wind and prying eyes. to a crawl. Soon Holcomb and Browne's progress had been reduced The Spanish border police were notoriously slow and that night was to be no exception. The coughing began once more. This time it was a good deal more persistent. Finally the car drew up to a barber-striped wooden barrier. Holcomb hurried into the customs shed with the passports while Browne nervously eyed the guards in their German-style coal scuttle helmets.

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Herringbone cloak-GI dagger, marines of the OSS by Robert E Mattingly; United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division

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